About Us

Magneto Geometric Applications Ltd is a company with a wealth of experience in providing products to homeopathic practitioners and customers around the world. Specifically we have more than 40 years of experience in providing our cards and our products to people from many different locations in Europe, Russia, the USA, Latin America, Asia and Australia. Some of you will remember Richard and Margaret Belsham who devoted many years of their lives to creating this business; sadly Margaret is no longer with us but Richard is alive and well.

We have been delighted to have received many very positive testimonials from our customers and indeed to have maintained good relations with them over the years. Some have become good friends and all of us who work for Magneto have valued the exchanges of views we share from time to time as well as discussing particular problems that have arisen for some of you. We very much believe that a problem shared can often lead to a successful outcome.

We have created this website to provide you with an idea of our current product range. Aside from the cards, we pride ourselves in producing hand crafted machines produced by our highly skilled craftsmen. All Buyers have been pleased to use them.

So please feel free to use this website to look at our products and to contact us as your needs require. Thank you for taking the time to browse now. We will gladly do our best to answer any questions you may have.